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Adobe Systems Incorporated, the makers of Adobe Photoshop has also designed another very popular photo post processing program. Lightroom is very popular among both photography enthusiasts and professionals simply because it has amazing features. Once you get to use it, you will realize that it is really a wonderful piece of software for editing and organizing pictures. With its non destructive editing features, you can edit photos all day long without worrying that you will ruin it. And if you are looking for a great tool to manage all the photos you have saved in your computer, then Lightroom can also do that for you. It is that powerful and useful.


But probably the nicest feature that this piece of software has is the importable and exportable presets feature. Through this, user can import and export presets that they like or want to share with others. For those not familiar with presets, they are a combination of saved settings that reproduce a specific effect on an image when applied. For example, the black and white preset when applied to a photo will change the colored photo to black and white. That is what it does. But the best thing that a preset can do is it actually cuts your editing by more than half. Lightroom has a special feature where you can do batch edits. When you do that and apply a preset to a batch, you are practically editing hundreds of photos in less than an hour(depends on the computing power of your computer though).

Now you know how powerful free adobe lightroom presets can do. So, you better take advantage of it and start downloading presets now. You can visit for that. They provide some of the best free adobe lightroom presets today.

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